Steven Gardner

Steven is one of those mythical beings – a technical expert who converts complex technical matters into plain English and avoids bamboozling clients with Techspeak.

He is a talented Internet Guru, using Web Development, coding and design skills. 

Steven is an excellent Project Manager and a keen Analyst, which gives him a special talent in the use of Search Engine Optimization techniques, and with Google Analytics and Adwords.

In addition to his work with Law2Web, Steven also runs seminars and workshops, including Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for businesses.

With clients all around New Zealand and Australia, and over 20 years experience building high quality, effective websites and related services, he has pretty much seen it all.

areas of expertise

Web Design

Websites have now become mainstream. Their importance to businesses is all too evident. Especially in these COVID times, with remote working and restrictions in place, having an effective web presence allowing clients to engage and interact with law firms is a must.

A great website is based on knowledge of a firm, and their desired outcomes whether it is client or prospect communication or engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being found on the internet is important. Being found for all of the things your firm does takes research, planning and implementation skill to give it the best chance of success.

Leading clients through the process of search engine optimisation often leads to discovery of alternative ways of describing the services firms provide. Being aware of your clients and prospects views of law firms and their services is an important step to take.

Contact Steven

Call: 0274 052 378


examples of work.

Stevens work encompasses a wide range of skills and businesses

  • Designing, building and deploying websites for brand new firms and chambers. Helping with brand and look and feel.
  • Providing technical advice for firms needing a third party view on new technology
  • SEO work to improve visitors to firms’ websites
  • Creating social media profiles and providing training for firms to manage their social media 
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