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When you look at a law firm you see a collection of people, who bring skills and expertise to bear on the outputs of the firm.

Everywhere there is opportunity for improvement. In many firms this opportunity is obvious; in others not so much.

LawX is all about getting the best from that opportunity for improvement. 

Our experience and expertise will be displayed in articles and information on this site. If you see something that piques your interest, please reach out to us.

Planning / Strategy

Emily Morrow

When a plan comes together the rewards flow. Planning and Strategy are but two of Emily’s passions and if you add consultancy and coaching you have someone who can work with a law firm to get the best from them

Knowledge management / sales

Paul Steele

After many years in the industry, Paul has a keen insight into the inner working of Law Practices and their ability to find and use knowledge effectively. 

change management

Alli McArthur

Navigating the way through change is Alli’s forte. Whether it be staff and people changes or new technologies and getting them bedded into the firm, Alli has the knack of getting everyone pulling in the right direction.

document automation

gene turner

If you need to automate a process, especially where a document is involved, Gene can make the magic work. Working with clients from Government down to small firms, he gets inside the process and finds the best way to make it easy.

web design / seo

Steven Gardner

Steven has built and managed hundreds of websites over the last 20 years. Able to convey tech speak to a wide range of people, from CEO and Partner through the staffing levels within a firm.