Gene Turner

Gene Turner Bcom, LLB (Hons) MBA (Dist). 

Gene is Managing Director of LawHawk.

LawHawk help their customers improve and automate their legal processes to reduce risk, save time and money, and improve quality.

LawHawk work with their law firm customers to:
• improve the firm’s own processes; and
• jointly improve processes for the firm’s clients.

LawHawk also work directly with in-house legal and procurement teams, and offer solutions such as wills and enduring powers of attorney directly to the public with the ability to refer additional legal work to LawHawk’s law firm customers.

areas of expertise

Proccess Improvement

lawhawk’s key differentiator is the ability to understand legal theory and practice, the outcomes and benefits you need to get, and how legal automation needs to fit within a firm’s wider strategy.

LawHawk’s customers in New Zealand range from New Zealand’s largest law firms (Minter Ellison and Buddle Findlay) to among its smallest (e.g. Pawson Law). LawHawk also work with large established organisations such as Bank of New Zealand, Foodstuffs and Kāinga Ora, and scaling businesses such as  Transworld Business  Advisors. LawHawk’s work with Kāinga Ora was  awarded the 2019 IACCM Asia Pacific Award for Operational Improvement.

LawHawk’s principals are experienced lawyers. Gene was a corporate and finance partner at Buddle Findlay, leading the Wellington Business Services team for 2 years prior to establishing LawHawk, and has over 20 years of legal experience.

LawHawk’s case studies consistently highlight LawHawk’s work on process improvement before automation, together with speed of delivery and certainty of costs. Our work with other LawX members builds on this multi-disciplinary approach.

automation solutions

as well as custom automation Lawhawk also licenses a range of Lawhawk’s existing automation solutions (with customisation as required).

This includes:

  • wills and enduring powers of attorney
  • construction contracts and consultancy agreements
  • agreements for supply or goods and/or services
  • employment agreements
  • Court documents (e.g. limited licence applications, sentencing/discharge without conviction
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation documents
  • Family law contracting out and separation agreements

LawHawk also help lawyers with digital signing.


Contact Gene

Call: 04 889 0376


examples of work.

“LawHawk’s background in legal contracting is essential. Non-lawyers couldn’t do what they’ve done. I don’t think any other software company could equal them, unless they had contract lawyers as well.”

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