Simon Tupman.

Simon initially qualified as a Solicitor in England in 1984. After practising for five years, he switched to executive consulting via business school and a stint at one of the UK’s leading advertising agencies.

For the past thirty years, his work has focussed on the legal services sector, helping lawyers, legal professionals, law firm executives and in-house counsel to refresh, refocus and revitalise their organisations. He has worked with clients in a dozen countries across five continents.

Clients engage him to carry out practice reviews, facilitate planning retreats, speak at conferences and events and present workshops aimed at improving leadership and management skills.

He has I written numerous articles for various publications and has had four books published, ‘Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas’(2000), ‘Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas’(2006)  ‘Legal Eagles’ (2011_ and most recently, ’The Heart of Practice’ (2023).

He is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales, an accredited professional speaker with the Professional Speakers Association of Australia, and a member of the international Law Consultancy Network.

areas of expertise

Practice Reviews

Simon is adept at taking a fresh look at a law firms process, practices and management structures to  refresh, refocus and revitalise their organisations.


Being able to facilitate and bring out the best outcomes from a planning retreat is one of Simon’s greatest skills. His presentation skills and being able to ask pertinent questions means firms get great value and insight from his sessions.



Simon specialises in individual training and workshops targeting improving leadership and management skills, an area he has seen an enormous of growth and potential.

Contact Simon

Call: 027 214 8405


examples of work.

Simon’s work focusses on helping law firms, and the professionals that serve in them, to thrive.

  • Practice reviews to assess culture, financial performance and operational effectiveness of law firms;
  • Design and facilitation of Partner retreats and events to cover strategy, planning, idea generation, innovation, partner unity and conflict resolution;
  • Conference and event speaking on topics related to the business of law, leadership, management, business development, personal motivation and interpersonal effectiveness;
  • Customised workshops and in-house training covering the above topics;
  • Eliciting third party input and feedback; interviewing clients and stakeholders;
  • Independent advisory; offering board level support, acting as a sounding board for leaders, acting as a Non-Executive Director and contributing thought leadership;
  • Personal mentoring; acting as a sounding board for professionals looking to advance their careers and improve their personal effectiveness.
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