Sam Bassett.

Sam is a Chartered Accountant and he is a partner at Moore Markhams in Auckland. Sam’s work covers valuation of businesses, Economic Disparity calculations (Section15) for relationship property division and associated litigation support work. 

He acts as an independent Trustee and has been appointed by the High Court and by joint appointment to act as independent trustee or executor to assist with dispute resolution.

Sam as attended two courses in leadership in professional service firms at Harvard Business School in 2019 and in 2022.

Sam consults to small/medium sized law firms in NZ. This can include providing valuation of legal firms and assistance with succession planning and improvement in legal firm profitability. Sam conducts a financial benchmarking survey for small to medium sized legal firms in Auckland every second year. This assists with identifying where firms he is working with sit compared to “best practice” for various key financial indicators.

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Call: 021 771 332


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