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business development / strategic planning.

From the ground up, strategy and planning are pivotal to a successful law firm. Being one step ahead and having the right processes in place put firms in the best place to deal with change head on.

Change Management.

Change is inevitable and most firms (if not all businesses) handle change poorly. Getting a handle on change, both with the people and the technology and processes is key to driving improvement in the practice.

Website Design / Development / SEO.

Whether your focus is on gaining new clients, or communicating effectively with your existing client base, your website and surrounding digital marketing and communication tools are essential.

Workflow / document Automation.

Finding those areas where automation can improve efficiency and output can make the entire office run more smoothly. Templates and integrations into varioous systems can take the pain out of common jobs.


articles and useful information.

Fortune favours the Brave

As 2023 quickly hurtles past us, with a quarter of the year left, it’s a good time to stop and take stock of the year and ask yourself some important questions. What has happened this year? Am I where I want to be? Is my work fulfilling and satisfying? Am I recognized for my contribution

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Tidy up your firm before you sell it

When selling a house, an owner has a choice about whether to sell the house “as is, where is” or to do it up before putting it on the market. It might seem like an unnecessary amount of cost and effort to replace the kitchen, bathroom, and 20-year-old carpet when you won’t be the one

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Transforming Law Firms: Not Just About Automation 

Introduction:  As legal automation experts, we understand the immense potential of improving and automating common legal processes to save time and streamline operations. We have a great track record of delivering successful automation projects for in-house legal teams with very strong returns on investment.   However, law firms have been different.    We have realised that merely

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Legal Research – Some thoughts

Most of the talk these days is about AI. Anyone who has experimented with Chat GPT for example will know that the outputs are truly amazing, although there are many concerns about currency and accuracy. Enhanced, integrated and paid versions of AI will continue to develop, however, to a point where there will be consequences

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