Alli McArthur

Alli has the knack of getting change implemented.

With many years as a Practice Manager and closely working with IT services, Alli is uniquely placed to be able to implement the important IT changes that all firms are constantly going through.

Alli has delivered many successful projects from IT and Communications to Relocation and Refurbishment.

From her time as a Practice Manager, Alli is ideally suited to process and procedure reviews to get the most out of your office.

This also extends to people management, including the hiring process and reviewing roles and responsibilities to produce a more effective and efficient team.

Alli’s focus is on best practice. By looking at a holistic approach to change within a firm, all areas of improvement are identified and a plan of action put in place and carried out.

areas of expertise

Change Management

A Senior Manager specialising in Change Processes and Project Management

I focus on helping organisations improve their performance by identifying key organizational challenges and helping develop and deliver substantive change programmes.

Change is hard and there are many challenges in implementing change. By tackling these head on, Alli helps to open a pathway to a better, more productive practice.


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Call: 027 2427272

examples of work.

Emily’s work encompasses the individuals, the organisation and the organisational culture of law practices.  

  • Design and facilitation of law firm retreats focussing on strategic plan development, reviewing compensation arrangements, business development and other topics.
  • Individual or group coaching for high potential lawyers who are being considered for advancement.
  • Designing partnership peer review processes.
  • Advising on the management and governance needs of law firms and hiring of professional law firm management.
  • Training in the areas of leadership, team management, business development, delegation, communication and networking, public speaking, professional writing and other topics.
  • Analysing organisational culture to enhance law office functioning.
  • Bespoke projects on topics such as gender diversity, optimal profit sharing arrangements and developing succession plans.
  • Interviewing job candidates and developing job descriptions.
  • Training support staff on topics such as resilience, teamwork, influencing and being an effective delegatee.
  • Analysing organisational structures within law offices.
  • Drafting law office strategic plans.
  • Advising on law firm mergers, acquisitions and consolidations including financial, personnel, business development and organisational culture considerations.